• For the past 3 tournaments i havent gotten my reward. Neither has my bf. Do they give it automatically now or is it a glitch?

    When the tournament ends the icon showing reward at the top right of screen isnt thereĀ :( im sad

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    • I got the same issue for the 3rd time, and everytime I send them a ticket. In their forum they tell us to send them a ticket, but I don't know if they will give it automatically even if you don't.

      I think I got at least part of my reward before the following tournament started, because I noticed an increase in the crystals. So maybe I get some more today.

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    • Just to confirm, I had screenshots before the tournament ended, and compared them with new ones when the tournament began, and I got this increase: 3 SpringWater, 6,000 ResourceFood, 350,000 ResourceGold, and 5 ResourceCrystal. This matches the reward for placing rank #8001-14000 in the tournament, which sounds plausible with the low amount of Battle Points I earned.

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