Temple of Evolution
TempleofEvolutionStore Available Level 11
Buy 200,000ResourceGold
Sell N/A
Experience 100,000ResourceExperience
Build Time 4 hours
Size 10 x 10
The Temple of Evolution is an ancient mystic place where dragons can drink the essence of their native element. This makes them stronger, enabling them to continue increasing to levels beyond their limits.

The Temple of Evolution allows you to continue raising dragons past level 10, upto level 15. This is unlocked per dragon by paying a cost of magic essences and gold.

The Temple may also be upgraded for 1,000,000ResourceGold, which allows you to feed your dragons up to level 20 by evolving the dragon a second time. Upgrading the temple takes 12 hours.

When you have a dragon evolving in the Temple of Evolution, and you try to evolve a second dragon, you will get a message saying: "Impossible to begin evolution! Evolution must be completed in at least one temple." You will get the same message if you are upgrading the Temple of Evolution.

Evolution CostsEdit

The price required to evolve a dragon is dependent on the number of elements the dragon has. The time it takes to evolve a dragon is determined by the dragon type and can be found listed on the individual dragon's page.

The table below shows the cost of evolving a level 10 dragon, so they can be fed to level 15 (First Evolution), and of evolving a level 15 dragon, so they can be fed to level 20 (Second Evolution).

Number of
First Evolution Second Evolution
Gold Essences Gold Essences
1    100,000ResourceGold    1 of the
dragon's element
200,000ResourceGold 2 of the
dragon's element
2 300,000ResourceGold    2 of each element    600,000ResourceGold    4 of each element   
3 500,000ResourceGold 3 of each element   1,000,000ResourceGold   6 of each element
4 700,000ResourceGold 3 of each element 1,500,000ResourceGold 8 of each element

  • For example, a Predatory Dragon (3 elements) costs: 500,000ResourceGold, 3 FireEssence, 3 EarthEssence, and 3 NatureEssence to evolve the first time (at level 10), and takes 32 hours.


  • Temple of Evolution (3D)

Other InformationEdit

  • This building became available for purchase in an update on February 7, 2014 for android clients, and Februrary 13, 2014 for iOS clients.