Small Greenhouse
SmallGreenhouseStore Available Level 3
Buy 250ResourceGold
Sell 0ResourceGold
Experience 250ResourceExperience
Build Time Instant
Size 6 x 6
Greenhouses are needed to grow food. Food is needed to raise dragons. When they're hungry, dragons get angry and stop growing. This is a very small greenhouse, but it's enough for a start.

Small Greenhouses can be upgraded to Large Greenhouses for 30,000ResourceGold after level 10. Smaller crops are cheaper and require less time to grow than the same amount for larger crops.


Name Time Cost Food Exp Gold per
Food per
Gold per
XP per
XP per
FoodMushroom Mushrooms 30s 100ResourceGold 15ResourceFood 40 6.66 30 2.5 80 2.67
FoodBlackberry Blackberry 5m 600ResourceGold 75ResourceFood 300 8 15 2 60 4
FoodPumpkin Pumpkin 30m 2,000ResourceGold 250ResourceFood 2,000 8 8.33 1 66.67 8


  • Small Greenhouse (3D)

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