As of 12 December, 2014, the rarity of dragons and armor in Dragons World is represented by a specific number and color of "stars".

There are currently no dragons or armor with a rarity higher than Unique.

Rarity Stars Dragons Armor
Breed Tournament IAP Elemental
Quest Crafting Tournament
Common 1BronzeStar 1E 1E Top 500
Uncommon 1SilverStar 2E Tier 4 1E Top 50
Rare 1GoldStar 2E (rare)
Most 3E
Tier 3 $9.99 Halfway
Top 3
Magnificent 2GoldStars Some 3E
Tier 2 $24.99 Tornado
Unique 3GoldStars Tier 1 $49.99
Epic 4GoldStars
Legendary 5PurpleStars
Mythical 6SalmonStars

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