Large Nature Habitat
NatureLargeHabitatStore Available Level 8
Buy 10,000ResourceGold
Sell 5,000ResourceGold
Upgrade 75,000ResourceGold
5 NatureEssence
5 WaterEssence
Experience 10,000ResourceExperience
Build Time 6 hours
Dragon Capacity 3
Gold Capacity 8,000ResourceGold
Element Nature Size 15 x 15
This habitat can be upgraded to the:   Huge Nature Habitat.
Nature Dragons like to be with their own kind. Even if there are a lot of them, they never bother each other; more than anything else, they like to have plenty of space to spread their wings and take off. Your dragons will definitely love the Large Nature Habitat — it has an ancient oak tree that is over 100 years old, and even a small cave.


  • Large Nature Habitat (3D)