Large Greenhouse
LargeGreenhouseStore Available Level 10
Buy 30,000ResourceGold
Sell 15,000ResourceGold
Experience 15,000ResourceExperience
Build Time Instant
Size 9 x 9
A Large Greenhouse can produce more food. Food is needed to raise dragons. When they're hungry, dragons get angry and stop growing. This greenhouse provides more food than a small one and will be sufficient for a larger number of dragons.

The large greenhouse doubles the food provided from the first three crops originally available in the small greenhouse for double the gold cost. It also provides more crop options, allowing for longer restock times (up to 24 hours).

Note that the list of crops scrolls (strawberries and watermelons are originally off screen).

Unlock LevelsEdit

The Greenhouses are unlocked gradually per level to a maximum of 12.

  1. 1st Greenhouse at level 3
  2. 2nd Greenhouse at level 4
  3. 3rd Greenhouse at level 5
  4. 4th Greenhouse at level 7
  5. 5th Greenhouse at level 11
  6. 6th Greenhouse at level 13
  7. 7th Greenhouse at level 15
  8. 8th Greenhouse at level 19
  9. 9th Greenhouse at level 21
  10. 10th Greenhouse at level 25
  11. 11th Greenhouse at level 28
  12. 12th Greenhouse at level 31


Name Time Cost Food Exp Gold per
Food per
Gold per
XP per
XP per
FoodMushroom Mushrooms 30s 200ResourceGold 30ResourceFood 80 6.66 60 2.5 160 2.67
FoodBlackberry Blackberry 5m 1,200ResourceGold 150ResourceFood 600 8 30 2 120 4
FoodPumpkin Pumpkin 30m 4,000ResourceGold 500ResourceFood 4,000 8 16.6 1 133.33 8
FoodSunflower Sunflower 2h 8,000ResourceGold 1000ResourceFood 10,000 8 8.3 0.8 83.33 10
FoodStrawberry Strawberry 8h 30,000ResourceGold 3000ResourceFood 40,000 10 6.25 0.75 83.33 13.33
FoodWatermelon Watermelon 24h 120,000ResourceGold 8000ResourceFood 180,000 15 5.5 0.66 125 22.5


  • Large Greenhouse (3D)

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