Large Fire Habitat
FireLargeHabitatStore Available Level 7
Buy 3,000ResourceGold
Sell 1,500ResourceGold
Upgrade 13,500ResourceGold
1 FireEssence
1 EarthEssence
Experience 3,000ResourceExperience
Build Time 3 hours
Dragon Capacity 3
Gold Capacity 1,000ResourceGold
Element Fire Size 15 x 15
This habitat can be upgraded to the:   Huge Fire Habitat.
This large habitat for Fire Dragons is a land of flame. The more dragons that live there, the more fire! Lava streams flow over soot-blackened stones, and in the middle stands a real volcano, albeit a small one. A low parapet separates the habitat from the spectators so they can safely observe the Fire Dragons going about their business.


  • Large Fire Habitat (3D)