Huge Water Habitat
WaterHugeHabitatStore Available Level 12
Buy 500,000ResourceGold
10 NatureEssence
10 WaterEssence
Sell 250,000ResourceGold
Experience 500,000ResourceExperience
Build Time 36 hours
Dragon Capacity 4
Gold Capacity 35,000ResourceGold
Element Water Size 18 x 18
This habitat cannot be upgraded.
The gorgeous Water Dragons have made their home in the deep waters of a huge lake. There's enough room for them to frisk about, and a rocky ledge with a waterfall provides plenty of shade for them to rest!


  • Huge Water Habitat (3D)

Other InformationEdit

  • The May 22, 2014 Update placed this Habitat on sale for 50% Off for 7 days.

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