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December 15, 2017Edit

December 12, 2017Edit

December 8, 2017Edit

• Quest Venetian Dragon

2017-12-12 Quest Venetian 1 2017-12-12 Quest Venetian 2
Task 1 2 3 4 5 6
Steps * Collect 50kResourceGold
from your habitats
* Harvest FoodPumpkin
20 times
* Breed 2 FruitDragonProfile
* Feed them until they reach level 15
* Breed a ButterflyDragonProfile
* Feed it until it reaches level 10
* Buy and place 1 Mysterious LanternDecor in your Sanctuary
* Buy and place 3 Oil LampDecor in your Sanctuary
* Get 3 WaterEssence
* Get 3 AirEssence
* Breed a Deep-SeaDragonProfile
* Feed it until it reaches level 15
Reward 150,000 ResourceExperience 15,000 ResourceFood
500,000 ResourceGold
15,000 ResourceGold
15,000 ResourceExperience
25,000 ResourceFood
15,000 ResourceExperience
100,000 ResourceGold
100,000 ResourceExperience

Battle Energy
For the next 4 Days:

Battle Energy (EnergyIcon) will recharge
twice as fast!

Battle Energy x2 Update2

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December 5, 2017Edit

November 28, 2017Edit

November 27, 2017Edit

November 23, 2017Edit

November 21, 2017Edit

November 18, 2017Edit

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Older Updates can be found HERE.

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