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Note: Any timers displayed assume the event will end at 6:00 AM UTC (GMT) on the date in question unless more specific data is available.

  • These timers are not official game content and are for information purposes only.
  • Dragons World Wiki and/or Wiki Staff make no promises as to the accuracy of displayed timers, and are not responsible for how Wiki users or contributors use any provided information.

Current / Active UpdatesEdit

March 21, 2017Edit

Dragon Tournament 145
Tournament 145 Update

★☆ Rank Prizes! ☆★

Sunflower Dragon
Armor of the Slough of Eternity
Snowdrop Dragon

Battle Point Rewards
Armor of Century Whirlpool
Thunderstorm Dragon

Rare Dragons
-- Dragon Sale --

Sinuous Dragon (450ResourceCrystal)
Elven Dragon (450ResourceCrystal)
Seabreeze Dragon (525ResourceCrystal)

On sale for 3 days only!


March 17, 2017Edit

IAP Dragons

IAP20170317-1 IAP20170317-2

** IAP Dragons **

Sparkler Dragon
Cardshark Dragon
Metal Dragon

Facebook Notice
-- Facebook EOL --

Transfer your Facebook game to another platform before it's too late:

  • Android
  • iOS (iPad, iPhone, or iPod)
  • Windows 10 (PC or mobile device)

This can be done by submitting a ticket to SQ.

Recent UpdatesEdit

March 14, 2017Edit

Rare Dragons
-- Dragon Sale --

Caramel Dragon (525ResourceCrystal)
Mirage Dragon (630ResourceCrystal)
Paint Dragon (525ResourceCrystal)

On sale for 3 days only!


March 10, 2017Edit

Random Eggs Update
RandomEggsUpdate14 More unbreedable dragons available from Random Eggs.
UnbelievableEggStore Unbelievable Egg:
Coin Dragon
WonderfulEggStore Wonderful Egg:
Rudolph Dragon
Snow Queen Dragon

Rare Breeding
For the next 7 Days only:

Breeding Probability Increase:
0.05 → 0.2

4x the breeding chance on
Tsunami Dragon


March 7, 2017Edit

Dragon Tournament 144
Tournament 144 Update

★☆ Rank Prizes! ☆★

Giraffe Dragon
Armor of the Slough of Eternity
Snowdrop Dragon

Battle Point Rewards
Armor of Time Flow
Armor of Century Whirlpool
Earth Magic Dragon

Rare Dragons
-- Dragon Sale --

Slough Dragon (450ResourceCrystal)
Woodland Dragon (450ResourceCrystal)
Samurai Dragon (525ResourceCrystal)

On sale for 3 days only!


Game Update
-- New Decorations --

Wonder Tree
Dragon Sakura
Fragrance Lamp
Magical Bell
Magical Fairy Fountain

March 3, 2017Edit

Quest Dragon
New Quest Reward Dragon


Smoke Dragon

Quest Chain

Task 1 2 3 4 5 6
Steps * Collect 50kResourceGold
from your habitats
* Harvest FoodPumpkin
20 times
* Breed 2 RiverDragonProfile
* Feed them until they reach level 15
* Breed a GrassDragonProfile
* Feed it until it reaches level 15
* Buy and place 1 VolcanoDecor in your Sanctuary
* Buy and place 1 LighthouseDecor in your Sanctuary
* Get 3 EarthEssence
* Get 3 AirEssence
* Breed a RockDragonProfile
* Feed it until it reaches level 15
Reward 150,000 ResourceExperience 15,000 ResourceFood
500,000 ResourceGold
15,000 ResourceGold
15,000 ResourceExperience
25,000 ResourceFood
15,000 ResourceExperience
100,000 ResourceGold
100,000 ResourceExperience

Archived UpdatesEdit

Older Updates can be found HERE.

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