Food is grown in Small Greenhouses and Large Greenhouses, and is required to level up dragons. Four feedings are required for a dragon to gain a level, and 10ResourceExperience are earned.  The various food types in the game only matter in terms of cost and grow time; see the greenhouse pages for rates.

Rare dragons take twice as much food per level as common ones.  Therefore, satisfaction and level up perks will save you twice as much food on a rare dragon.

Food per LevelEdit

The following tables show the amount of food a dragon needs to be fed to attain the next level.

Perk ImplicationsEdit

A level up perk is superior to 5% satisfaction after level 3, in terms of saving food, and assuming that one levels the dragon to 10.

5% satisfaction at level 3 saves 1524 food.

5% satisfaction at level 6 saves 1440 food.

5% satisfaction at level 9 saves 768 food.

Level up at level 3 saves 240 food.

Level up at level 6 saves 1920 food.

Level up at level 9 saves 15360 food.

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