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A Dragon Tournament is a 5-14 day event (the duration has varied), similar to, but separate from, the Dragon League, where Dragon Trainers have a team of their dragons fight opponents for Battle Points and a chance at various prizes. These prizes may include:


Time Remaining:

Crystals ResourceCrystal
Gold ResourceGold
Essences FireEssenceEarthEssenceNatureEssenceWaterEssenceAirEssenceMagicEssenceLightEssenceTwilightEssenceTimeEssence2
Crafting Supplies Red-HotLavaGraniteChunkOakBarkSpringWaterCapturedCloudMagicSparkLightCrystalDarkCrystalSandsTimeMythrilOre
Food ResourceFood
Battle Energy EnergyIcon
Dragons 1SilverStar/1GoldStar/2GoldStars/3GoldStars
Armors/Amulets 1BronzeStar/1SilverStar/1GoldStar
Dragons that participate in the Dragon Tournament gain Rank Points for each "kill", but do not gain any credit toward the completion of their current Dragon League, as these are 2 completely separate aspects of Dragons World.

How it WorksEdit

The Dragon League and Dragon Tournament share Battle Energy (EnergyIcon). Battle energy is recuperated by the player at a rate of 1 EnergyIcon per hour. If a player has 5 or more EnergyIcon accumulated, this recuperation halts until you have less than 5 available EnergyIcon. If you have battle energy, you can fight opponents in the Dragon Tournament (or Dragon League, if you prefer).

Players choose teams of up-to 3 battle capable Dragons to fight for them. This team can be changed before/after each battle, but not during a battle.

One dragon from each side enters the arena at a time. The dragons then take turns attacking until one of the dragons is destroyed, at which time another dragon from that team is chosen to replace the defeated dragon in the arena. The battle ends when one side loses it's last dragon.

All dragons have a Physical Attack, which does damage without elemental modifiers, and at least one Elemental Attack which deals elemental damage that may be affected (either positively or negatively) by the target dragon's elemental makeup. The physical attack can be used repeatedly, while the elemental attacks have a cool-down of 1 or 2 turns after being used. For 10 Crystals, players can have their dragon perform a super attack, or heal itself, as well.

Attack Skills (both Physical and Elemental) can be learned and upgraded at the Training Center.

Battle Points are earned for winning each tournament battle, and are determined by the level of your opponent. A token amount of Battle Points are also earned for losing the battle. You gain no battle points for any Dragon League battles you may participate in during the duration of a Dragon Tournament, however these battles will still use EnergyIcon.

On the opponent selection screen, should the player have at least 2 accumulated EnergyIcon, the player may choose to execute a Power Attack against a selected opponent. During a Power Attack, all of the player's dragons gain a +50% damage bonus. Executing a Power Attack costs 2 EnergyIcon rather than the usual 1 EnergyIcon.

Rewards & PrizesEdit

Various Awards and Prizes are available to the player during a Dragon Tournament:

  • Rewards are given for "Winning Streaks" of up to 20 victories in a row. These rewards may be earned multiple times during the course of a tournament, and are composed of a combination of Battle Energy (EnergyIcon), Crystals (ResourceCrystal), and Bonus Battle Points (CrossedSwordsIcon).

  • Accumulated Battle Points are used to determine incremental rewards during the tournament. These rewards may consist of: Gold, Crystals, Food, Essences, Crafting Supplies, and the tournament exclusive Armor of Long-lived Jungles and Chaos Dragon. Every time a trainer reaches one of these Battle Point totals, the reward is received immediately.

  • The trainer's overall place in the tournament is also calculated and a final prize is given based upon this placement. This final prize may consist of Gold, Crystals, Crafting Supplies, and the tournament exclusive Unicorn Dragon and Armor of Ancient Forests. The ultimate Dragon Tournament prize is the tournament exclusive Manticore Dragon, which is only awarded to the top 15 finishers (most accumulated Battle Points) in the tournament.

Reward & Prize TablesEdit

The following tables list the rewards and prizes that were available from the most recent Dragon Tournament.

Winning Streak RewardsEdit

Win Streak Reward
5 Wins 1 EnergyIcon +10% CrossedSwordsIcon
7 Wins 1 EnergyIcon +20% CrossedSwordsIcon
9 Wins 1 EnergyIcon +30% CrossedSwordsIcon
12 Wins +40% CrossedSwordsIcon 1 ResourceCrystal
15 Wins 1 EnergyIcon +60% CrossedSwordsIcon 1 ResourceCrystal
18 Wins +80% CrossedSwordsIcon 3 ResourceCrystal
20 Wins [1] 2 EnergyIcon +100% CrossedSwordsIcon 5 ResourceCrystal
  1. After completing a Streak of 20 Wins, the streak counter is reset to 0, the BP Bonus is removed, and the trainer must start accumulating wins again.

Battle Points RewardsEdit

Medal Rewards
150 Medal XVII 2 EnergyIcon 2,000 ResourceFood 60,000 ResourceGold 1 ResourceCrystal
250 Medal XVI 3 EnergyIcon 2 FireEssence 3 Red-HotLava 4,000 ResourceFood
850 Medal XV 2 EarthEssence 3 GraniteChunk 120,000 ResourceGold 3 ResourceCrystal
1,800 Medal XIV 2 NatureEssence 3 OakBark 5,000 ResourceFood 180,000 ResourceGold
3,250 Medal XIII 2 WaterEssence 3 SpringWater 240,000 ResourceGold 5 ResourceCrystal
5,250 Medal XII 2 AirEssence 4 CapturedCloud 6,000 ResourceFood 300,000 ResourceGold
8,000 Medal XI 2 MagicEssence 4 MagicSpark 8,000 ResourceFood 350,000 ResourceGold
10,500 Medal X 2 LightEssence 4 LightCrystal 400,000 ResourceGold 10 ResourceCrystal
13,500 Medal IX Armor of Long-lived Jungles Long-livedJunglesArmor
18,000 Medal VIII 2 TwilightEssence 4 DarkCrystal 3 MythrilOre 12,500 ResourceFood
22,000 Medal VII 2 TimeEssence2 4 SandsTime 3 MythrilOre 100 ResourceCrystal
27,500 Medal VI 6 OakBark 3 MythrilOre 20,000 ResourceFood
35,000 Medal V 6 SpringWater 3 MythrilOre 200 ResourceCrystal
43,000 Medal IV 6 CapturedCloud 3 MythrilOre 35,000 ResourceFood
52,500 Bronze Medal 6 MagicSpark 3 MythrilOre 300 ResourceCrystal
63,000 Silver Medal 6 LightCrystal 3 MythrilOre 50,000 ResourceFood
75,000 Gold Medal Chaos Dragon ChaosDragonProfile

Tournament Rank PrizesEdit

Rank Medal Prizes
# 32001 - 45000 Medal XVII 3 Red-HotLava 75,000 ResourceGold 1 ResourceCrystal
# 22001 - 32000 Medal XVI 3 GraniteChunk 150,000 ResourceGold 2 ResourceCrystal
# 14001 - 22000 Medal XV 3 OakBark 4,000 ResourceFood 250,000 ResourceGold 3 ResourceCrystal
# 8001 - 14000 Medal XIV 3 SpringWater 6,000 ResourceFood 350,000 ResourceGold 5 ResourceCrystal
# 5001 - 8000 Medal XIII 3 CapturedCloud 8,000 ResourceFood 450,000 ResourceGold 8 ResourceCrystal
# 2501 - 5000 Medal XII 3 MagicSpark 10,000 ResourceFood 550,000 ResourceGold 10 ResourceCrystal
# 1301 - 2500 Medal XI 3 LightCrystal 12,500 ResourceFood 700,000 ResourceGold 13 ResourceCrystal
# 701 - 1300 Medal X 3 DarkCrystal 15,000 ResourceFood 850,000 ResourceGold 20 ResourceCrystal
# 401 - 700 Medal IX Unicorn Dragon UnicornDragonProfile 30 ResourceCrystal
# 201 - 400 Medal VIII Unicorn Dragon UnicornDragonProfile 50 ResourceCrystal
# 101 - 200 Medal VII Unicorn Dragon UnicornDragonProfile 100 ResourceCrystal
# 51 - 100 Medal VI Armor of Ancient Forests AncientForestsArmor 150 ResourceCrystal
# 31 - 50 Medal V Armor of Ancient Forests AncientForestsArmor 200 ResourceCrystal
# 16 - 30 Medal IV Armor of Ancient Forests AncientForestsArmor 250 ResourceCrystal
# 6 - 15 Bronze Medal Manticore Dragon ManticoreDragonProfile 300 ResourceCrystal
# 2 - 5 Silver Medal Manticore Dragon ManticoreDragonProfile 500 ResourceCrystal
# 1 Gold Medal Manticore Dragon ManticoreDragonProfile 1,000 ResourceCrystal


  • Tournament Main Screen
  • Tournament Match Screen
  • Tournament Rewards Screen
  • Tournament Battle Victory!
  • Tournament Battle Defeat
  • Super Attack
  • Chinese vs. Flower
  • Predatory vs. Agile
  • Chinese vs. Polar
  • Gargoyle vs. Lava
  • Predatory vs. Rain
  • Chinese vs. Maple
  • Desert vs. Full Moon
  • Agile vs. Natural Magic
  • Predatory vs. Pangolin
  • Chinese vs. Battle
  • Mithril vs. Cloakwing
  • Glowworm vs. Earth Magic
  • Agile vs. Deep-Sea
  • Pangolin vs. Fruit
  • Mithril vs. Double-Headed
  • Chinese vs. Rhino
  • Dairy vs. Pegasus
  • Chinese vs. Sunrise
  • Pangolin vs. Subterranean
  • Mithril vs. Ghost
  • Seabreeze vs. Dairy
  • Glowworm vs. Shadow
  • Pangolin vs. Tiger
  • Pangolin vs. Scorched
  • Pangolin vs. Thunderstorm
  • Seabreeze vs. Hydra
  • Pangolin vs. Mirage
  • Glowworm vs. Crusher
  • Seabreeze vs. Bunny
  • Pangolin vs. Oasis
  • Lace vs. Shark
  • Chameleon vs. Extraterrestrial
  • Lace vs. Tsunami
  • Opal vs. Bony

Other InformationEdit

  • The rewards for both Battle Points and Tournament Rank were increased before Tournament Season V (5).
  • Listed Battle Point Bonuses for Winning Streaks were added starting with Tournament Season IX (9) for iOS & Facebook players and Tournament Season X (10) for Android players.
  • Trainers have 1 min 45 sec to make an attack or they forfeit their turn. (1 min delay + 45 sec timer)
  • As of the August 24, 2014 update: On all platforms, the Streak Timer does not stop when entering a battle. The timer only resets at the completion of a battle.
  • The rewards for both Battle Points and Tournament Rank were changed to include Crafting Materials starting with Tournament Season XXXVII (37).
  • The rewards for both Battle Points and Tournament Rank were drastically changed before Tournament Season LXXI (71), and again before Tournament Season LXXV (75).
  • The reward levels for both Battle Points and Tournament Rank were completely altered and expanded before Tournament Season XCI (91)
  • A fully recharged Battle Energy (EnergyIcon) increased from 3 to 5 with Tournament Season 123.
  • The Streak Timer changed from 20 to 10 minutes with Tournament Season 134. At the same time the ResourceCrystal cost to recharge 1-5 EnergyIcon changed from 7-14-21-28-35 to 17-26-30-32-35 ResourceCrystal.

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