Achievements are a reward system in Dragons World. When certain accomplishments within the game have been completed an achievement with an associated reward will be received by the player. These rewards can be ResourceGold, ResourceFood, ResourceCrystal, or any combination of them.

The achievements can be organized within the game to show all, only the achievements you have received, or only the achievements you still haven't received.

Below you will find a list of all the achievements in the game and their associated rewards.


Name Requirement Reward(s)
Master of Water and Fire Breed a Steam Dragon 15,000ResourceGold and 3ResourceCrystal
Conqueror of Earth and Air Breed a Rock Dragon 15,000ResourceGold and 3ResourceCrystal
Lord of Nature and Magic Breed a Brush Dragon 15,000ResourceGold and 3ResourceCrystal
Full Moon Conqueror Breed a Full Moon Dragon 300,000ResourceGold and 5ResourceCrystal
Exemplary Executor Complete 5 Tasks 500ResourceGold and 1ResourceCrystal
Exemplary Executor II Complete 50 Tasks 2,000ResourceGold and 2ResourceCrystal
Exemplary Executor III Complete 100 Tasks 3,000ResourceGold and 3ResourceCrystal
Essential Helper Collect profits from friends 100 times 2,000ResourceGold and 1ResourceCrystal
Essential Helper II Collect profits from friends 500 times 5,000ResourceGold and 2ResourceCrystal
Essential Helper III Collect profits from friends 3,000 times 10,000ResourceGold and 3ResourceCrystal
Essential Helper IV Collect profits from friends 10,000 times 15,000ResourceGold and 4ResourceCrystal
Essential Helper V Collect profits from friends 50,000 times 20,000ResourceGold and 5ResourceCrystal
Real Friend Have 2 friends in the game 5ResourceCrystal
Real Friend II Have 10 friends in the game 5ResourceCrystal
Real Friend III Have 50 friends in the game 10ResourceCrystal
Real Friend IV Have 100 friends in the game 10ResourceCrystal
Real Friend V Have 500 friends in the game 25ResourceCrystal
Philanthropist  Spend 100 Crystals 5,000ResourceExperience and 1ResourceCrystal
Philanthropist II Spend 500 Crystals 10,000ResourceExperience and 2ResourceCrystal
Philanthropist III Spend 3,000 Crystals 15,000ResourceExperience and 3ResourceCrystal
Philanthropist IV Spend 10,000 Crystals 20,000ResourceExperience and 4ResourceCrystal
Philanthropist V Spend 50,000 Crystals 25,000ResourceExperience and 5ResourceCrystal
Breadwinner Spend 10k food 5,000ResourceExperience and 1ResourceCrystal
Breadwinner II Spend 50k food 10,000ResourceExperience and 2ResourceCrystal
Breadwinner III Spend 300k food 15,000ResourceExperience and 3ResourceCrystal
Breadwinner IV Spend 1,000k food 20,000ResourceExperience and 4ResourceCrystal
Breadwinner V Spend 5,000k food 25,000ResourceExperience and 5ResourceCrystal
Generous Soul Spend 100k gold 5,000ResourceExperience and 1ResourceCrystal
Generous Soul II Spend 500k gold 10,000ResourceExperience and 2ResourceCrystal
Generous Soul III Spend 3,000k gold 15,000ResourceExperience and 3ResourceCrystal
Generous Soul IV Spend 10,000k gold 20,000ResourceExperience and 4ResourceCrystal
Generous Soul V Spend 50,000k gold 25,000ResourceExperience and 1ResourceCrystal
Dragon Fosterer Feed 1 dragon till level 10 1,000ResourceFood and 1ResourceCrystal
Dragon Fosterer II Feed 5 dragons till level 10 2,000ResourceFood and 2ResourceCrystal
Dragon Fosterer III Feed 25 dragons till level 10 5,000ResourceFood and 3ResourceCrystal
Dragon Fosterer IV Feed 100 dragons till level 10 10,000ResourceFood and 4ResourceCrystal
Dragon Fosterer V Feed 300 dragons till level 10 20,000ResourceFood and 5ResourceCrystal
Breeder Breed 3 dragons 500ResourceGold and 1ResourceCrystal
Breeder II Breed 25 dragons 3,000ResourceGold and 2ResourceCrystal
Breeder III Breed 100 dragons 15,000ResourceGold and 3ResourceCrystal
Breeder IV Breed 300 dragons 20,000ResourceGold and 4ResourceCrystal
Breeder V Breed 1,000 dragons 25,000ResourceGold and 5ResourceCrystal
Novice Dragonologist Complete the Tutorial 200ResourceGold and 1ResourceCrystal
Experienced Dragonologist Reach level 10 5,000ResourceGold and 1ResourceCrystal
Experienced Dragonologist II Reach level 15 10,000ResourceGold and 2ResourceCrystal
Experienced Dragonologist III Reach level 20 15,000ResourceGold and 3ResourceCrystal
Experienced Dragonologist IV Reach level 25 20,000ResourceGold and 4ResourceCrystal
Experienced Dragonologist V Reach level 30 25,000ResourceGold and 5ResourceCrystal

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